We are closed from Dec. 24th to January 3rd for the Holidays.  Any submissions submitted during that time will be processed rapidly upon our return, and the 10 days we are closed are not counted towards the processing time noted on the submission forms.  Thank you everyone for a great year and have a wonderful Holiday Season!   As a reward for the delay, for every ten submissions, you will receive a free additional grading/slabbing at no additional cost !  




          ACCGS is the only grading service that also offers an Estimated Survival Condition Census or Population and/or an Appraised Value. For only $2 more per coin, ACCGS uses the combined experience of three Professional Numismatist and dozens of ACCGS consultants to estimate the surviving number of coins in the assigned grade. For an additional fee of only $2, ACCGS will also use this same expertise to determine an appraised value for each coin. This appraised value can be placed upon the slab, or issued in certificate form, or both slab and certificate for only $3.


Condition census is best estimated survivors of grade indicated by experts with over 30 years experience. The census and appraisal are for time indicated and may increase afterward, as many coins have long histories of price increases.



Average Ebay bids for many of the same date/grade at the time of above sale in 2003:  $330 Average Ebay bids for many of the same date/grade at the time of above sale in 2003:  $362.50 Average Ebay bids for many of the same date/grade at the time of above sale in 2003:  $514 Average Ebay bids for many of the same date/grade at the time of above sale in 2003:  $617.50










Recent Comments on eBay

Independent comparisons of ACCGS coins with NGC and PCGS



eBay Auction # 290157978122

"1968-S MS 66 and 1968-D MS 65 Really nice coins, I cracked out a few of these and they all graded out, since I have never had any thing from ACCGS I thought it best to check, they were checked by NGC."



Anyone can send items for authentication, grading and certified appraisals to ACCGS for as low as $9 per item.  No memberships to sign up for, no dealer middlemen, and no hassles. 

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"Collecting coins is the same as collecting art and history all at once."

- Buddy Ebsen, Actor and Dancer


"Money can be the root of greed and evil, but for the compassionate, it can become the root of great good.  The best way to help the poor, as we should, is not to become poor ourselves." 

- Dr. Susan Wright, Scientist


"In the end, its not only what we own that matters, it's also who we are and who we've been. Collectibles can often be a good means to an even better end."

- Chris Aable,  Psychologist, Composer, Musician, Actor


"Coins move both commerce and emotions."

- Dr. Steve Morton, Research Scientist, Mountain Climber




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